An audio-visual exploration of the liminal space and everything in-between. Curated by Catherine Ross and Lu Reid.

What is a liminal space? Oxford Dictionary defines liminal as: “Of or pertaining to the threshold or initial stage of a process”. The idea of liminal spaces existing between the threads of our reality is not a new concept, dating back to as early as 1909 with the seminal work of Arnold Van Gennep, particularly “Tribal Rights of Passage”, where he explored the connection between tribes and the stages of liminality throughout their life-span. This concept was then further expanded upon in the 60’s with Victor Turner, claiming that the idea of liminal space has always existed throughout the human race and that it is human nature to constantly shift through liminality into new forms and identity.

So what does this mean to us in 2022?

With the progress and development of new forms of expression and identity through the internet and connectivity, people now more than ever are shifting through the threads of reality with assistance by modern technology to capture new liminal spaces, and reshape and define them to be strong constants in their lives. This could be as simple as having a chat with an online friend over a video call, where you are present in each-others reality but not by a worldly sense, existing somewhere between the abstract mind and the physical form.

This connection between the new digital age and the presence of liminal spaces all around us is something in particular we have honed in on, using new developments in technology to shine a light on these in-betweens shrouded in mystery and bring them to a physical form that we can perceive and digest with our very own eyes. We take real life audio samples recorded by Catherine through condenser, binaural and hydrophone microphones, and distort and shape them into new worlds. Assisting this, we incorporate photographs capturing liminal energy taken by Catherine throughout her journey to find the oscillated parts of the world.

A little bit about us:


Catherine Ross (@liminalstates) is a contemporary artist, exploring photography, sound, and walking.
Studying for a PhD in Fine Art, Catherine brings her research on liminality to the collaboration. Using field recordings, sound mixing and visuals she aims with Lu in ‘L/M\N’ to create immersive, affective audience experiences.


Lu Reid (@lu20202020202) is a contemporary artist, focusing on music and sound coming from his main career as a music artist. With a deep love for experimental design through 3D art and incorporation in music, he brings the musical element into his collaboration with Catherine, adding another layer into the L/M\N space and delving the audience further into the liminal world. Coming off the back of a musical piece titled ‘RAW’ Lu brings a gritty, experimental edge to the collective residency project (and future endeavours) that is ‘L/M\N’.

The Development Process

Below you can an extract of an Instagram post documenting our process, with the audio samples being recorded through 3 different means; binaural, condenser and hydrophone. (to see the post in it’s entirety, please visit the Instagram page @37queenst, and scroll down to March)

Also see below, a gallery of photographic grids of captured liminal locations, taken by Catherine herself.

We present to you ‘L/M\N‘, our attempt to capture and give physical form to the in-between spaces that exist all around us: