Landscape re-Presented

Rachel Jordan & Ben Green

Starting points

Video by Rachel

Ben Green

Green’s work explores typology through pseudoscience and mythology. It has been inspired by local Roman history, mosaics, and earthenware all found within the Essex landscape.

Rachel Jordan

For this project, Rachel created drawings, paintings and collages that were her response to the Essex landscape and a continuation of her previous work in natural patterns and topography.

Her desire was to avoid portraying landscape in a romanticised or idealised way which led her to explore methods of representing it differently. Taking Ben’s tree photos and her own landscape photos and videos as starting points, Rachel abstracted from these using drawing and digital manipulation. Utilising tracing paper, fading and enlarging of images as well as collage there were endless possibilities of layering combining the various elements.

This is the start of a new direction for her work into an exploration of the Essex landscape and the genre of landscape painting.

View from the bus, oil pastel on board
Landscape evolved, collage