Millicent and Sam

Millicent is a painter and textile artist interested in the human condition and the female gaze. Sam is a painter of portraits and still lives who is interested in the intercreativity of colour schemes. Together they bring the surrealist technique of Le Cadavre Exquis into a contemporary light. By combining our two practices and disparate painting styles, we are able to communicate several layers of feeling within the same piece. Through a digital exchange of sketches and digital assemblages of said sketches we have created a series of experimental works.

Early work which served as a starting point for Millie and Sam to develop work from.

Millicent Responds

Millicent Clarke’s practice explores themes of vulnerability and keeps in mind ideas of femininity and the fifth-wave feminist notion of the female gaze. 

In the She Got Ripped Apart triptych we see a nude form in a pose which could suggest a certain confidence, the head is raised, the stare is unbothered by the inevitable gazes upon her form. The confidence the figure projects is quickly juxtaposed as you progress through the three digital paintings. The text emerges from the figures division, an overt visual depiction of what sits inside, the statements we wish to say and the emotions we cannot see. 

In these pieces Clarke aims to offer the viewer the opportunity to invest in the work, relate to the figure and self- identify with the content. 

Sam Responds

Arrangement on a theme of pygmalion