Sally Maddams and Sophia Ede

Sophia and Sally are both multi-media artists. Sophia explores documentation and the production of indexical signs through darkroom processes and creating pinhole cameras. Sally uses photography as a starting point for her work as well as having a particular interest in different dark room approaches. Sophia considers what we call a camera by creating pinhole cameras out of unexpected and found objects. These are then used to produce some of her photography. Sally has a particular interest in the textures, especially weathered and worn surfaces which she encounters on her journeys.

This collaboration incorporated a great deal of experimentation and allowed the landscape to dictate the direction and progress of the work. Using pinhole cameras as a starting point Sophia and Sally produced artwork in response to both urban and rural landscapes, as well as each other. The outcomes are connected through the theme of their surroundings and landscapes but also experimental photographic processes.

I have really enjoyed being experimental with this project. It has been great to use pinhole photography as a starting point and the element of chance involved has been lovely, especially incorporating it into walks in a more rural setting which includes a variety of surfaces and lines. Sophia has been a real inspiration and I have been encouraged to keep experimenting with different techniques. It has been so great to bounce ideas off each other and to see where the work goes in terms of direction and I hope to continue using different mediums to capture those starting points. The use of polaroid and pinhole photography has inspired my work greatly and I look forward to seeing which direction it takes me.

Sally Maddams

Instagram @the_walking_artist

Playing with composition, Suffolk skylines, Cyanotype and polaroid,2022
Suffolk skylines, Pinhole photograph and polaroid, 2022
Suffolk skylines, Pinhole photographs, image transfer and polaroid, 2022
Suffolk countryside, Cyanotype, 2022
Writtle, cyanotype, 2022
River Deben, Cyanotype, 2022
River Orwell, Polaroid, 2022
Garland Road, polaroid and pen, 2022
Public Access, Polaroid and found objects, 2022
River Deben, Pinhole photograph and image transfer, 2022
River Deben, Pinhole photograph and image transfer, 2022
River Deben, Pinhole photograph, image transfer and ink, 2022
Tesco’s, polaroid lift and watercolour, 2022
The Square, pinhole photograph, 2022
Navigation Lane, pinhole photograph, 2022

We have been very experimental and playful in our approach to this project. We made artwork by following our intuition and responding to the outcomes. Having only recently moved home our collaborative project gave me an excuse to get lost in my new surroundings. I discovered footpaths and views that I may never have seen otherwise and I gained an appreciation for the urban landscape. The highlight of this project was meeting Sally. We fast learnt we are very similar in our skill set and approach which resulted in us bouncing ideas off each other and inspiring our next piece. I hadn’t touch paint for several years before the residency but I was truly inspired by Sally’s painting use in her multimedia pieces which has drawn me back to the medium.

Sophia Ede

Instagram @sophiaedestudio