Walking Distance

Ekaterina Adelskaya and Beth Holmes

Medium: ochre, stone and charcoal pigments on canvas / burnt fabric, 2021

Walking Distance consists of a fragmented fabric sculpture by Ekaterina Adelskaya and an acrylic painting diptych by Beth Holmes, made using handmade pigments that both artists have sourced locally.

Forbidden to meet during lockdown, and given their vastly different locations (London, Hackney & Mersea Island), both artists resorted to exchange what they could find closest to home, only reachable by foot.

Being in lockdown and the restriction of collecting materials only from walking distance of their homes felt like a living more akin to that of the first cavemen; only able to gather materials for their pigments locally. Consequently, both artists decided to limit their colour palette to the prehistoric period: red ochre and charcoal.

The cavemen/cave analogy was the starting point for Ekaterina and Beth’s inspiration. Lockdown constricted their lives to a very small reality, where their perception was limited. It was both questioned and fragmented just like the shadows on the wall in Plato‚Äôs cave allegory.

Sculpture: ochre and charcoal pigments on burnt synthetic fabric; Painting: ochre, rock and charcoal pigments on canvas; Dimensions: 115 x 120 x 65 cm; Year: 2021.

Walking Distance Making Process

Haggerston Park Grey

pigment & watercolour paint, London

154 Columbia Road

pigment & watercolour paint, London

Firepit Black

pigment & acrylic paint, Mersea Island

Mersea red rocks

pigment & acrylic paint, Mersea Island